Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Casting Call ( Part 1)

Way back when, when the gang was all working at Toys R Us, we used to be kinda crazy. Between all the weekend parties, drunken all nighters, and love triangles, it was a regular Peyton Place. Back then, we used to say that they should make our lives into a full-length motion picture. The next logical question was: Who would play us? Let's start with the obvious.

Ron Livingston as Dickie Tipton
ronlivingston DSC_0294

Jennifer Aniston as JMIll
Jennifer_Aniston_Wal_25998j DSC00818

Julia Stiles as
Kate Huggins
Julia_Stiles_i_A_Guy_25250a kd

David Duchovney as
David Schanding
returnpre DSC00138

Be on the look out for "Casting Call Part II"
Coming Soon


B$ said...

That's pretty good, even though Katherine doesn't always take kindly to the Julia Stiles thing. BTW, have you ever seen the two of them together? Makes you wonder.

Amber said...

Not bad Phil. In true control freak fashion, I should like to suggest two incredible talents to possibly play me... Heather Langenkamp and Jennifer Jason Leigh. You'll remember Ms. Langenkamp as Johnny Depp's dreamy... er, dreaming girlfriend in Nightmare on Elm Street 1... the only one with any balls or brains to not get eaten by the bed or sliced by the glove. Jennifer Jason Leigh, while since her film 200 Cigarettes has transformed her in some degree into a sex kitten... okay the BJ/stiletto-in-head thing in SWF was probably the start of the transformation... exhibits those most notable physical qualities I possess... frizzy hair, big boobs, and that talks-out-the-side-of-her-mouth lip look. Should you feel I'd be best portrayed by Patricia Arquette or Angelina Jolie, I guess I can accept that.

liz said...

I would like to be played by