Monday, June 06, 2005

The Coin Toss

Ok, you've heard Megan's side of the story, now it's my turn. As most of you know, I used to work at Central Bank with Megan, (most of you know that I also got fired from there, but that's another story) and one particular slow day, Megan comes at me with a question.
"Hey Phil", she says. "You must have some cute friends, why dont you hook me up?"
Now, did she think I had cute friends because she thought I, too, was cute, or was it because she thought my better-looking friends kept me around to look better, I'm still not sure, but anyway...
After mentally thumbing through images of my available friends, I replied to her question-- "ummmm,.... I guess some of em are alright, I havent really thought much about it."
"Well, why dont you think on it, and get back to me tommorrow?" Megan said.
So, on the way home that day, I whittled down the possible matches, ruling out some of my friends for different reasons. I remember I eliminated Dave because I thought that he would never agree to go on a blind date. (It's sooo beneath him) Then, after much thought, I came up with two possible matches.--Jon and Jeremy . Both were, of course, really good guys and both had their strengths and weaknesses. I recall thinking that Jon probably needed the date more, because he had been on quite a dry spell. I remember thinking JD was more "her type" but maybe he was a little older than she was looking for.
"Which one should I choose?" I thought
So how did I finally pick? With one of these things.
Jon would be heads, and JD, tails. And lucky for JD, tails never fails.
Now, would JD and Megan have found each other anyway? Who knows. Megan says she thinks they would have. All I know is, at the time, I had no idea how much was riding on this one coin toss. So when I was at the wedding, watching Meg and JD exchange their vows,( I had a pretty good view) I couldnt help but to think what would have happened if George Washington had shown his face that day. Heres some pics from the wedding and drunk fest... oops, I mean reception.
i know that button is here  somewhere..
"Now, where's that damned Panic Button?!" or "Jon ponders what could have been" You pick the caption
Jen and Date
Jen and date
class o 2005
Quick, Megan! Is that cute Arabian guy checking me out? No, dont look, don't look!

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