Sunday, June 05, 2005


Sure it's not updated like it used to be and maybe I slack off a little sometimes. Ok I slack off a lot, but my blog is still kicking after three years. Thanks to everyone who has ever commented on this blog. You are the only reason I do it! Here is a look back at my very first post, June 05, 2005. (can ya believe that its been that long?)

Ok, Im new at this blog thing, but Ive always thought that it would be right down my alley. And yes Liz, I finally figured out how us Mac users can blog on this site! I just managed to post my first picture. And what better picture to start with, than one of my all time faves! More to come

Originally uploaded by pdeskins.


shethunkdat said...

Looks pretty good Phil. Welcome to the blogsphere otherwise known as THE REAL WORLD.

Now, why don't you kick it up a notch? Learn how to do your links so that everyone can come see my blog.

Good luck.

shethunkdat said...

Sorry the Internet karma gods got me for being so show-offy. Here is my blog