Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Friends Rock! (And so do their parents)

Ate dinner over at the Schandings on Sunday. It was delicious. Lisa made some Lasagna that would give Brett's a run for it's money! When I was getting ready to head out, Lisa said she had a surprise. She reached into the fridge and pulled out a whole NEW dish of lasagna, and it was for me!
Needless to say I devoured it. Turned out it was just as delicious as the first one!
If this wasn't enough, I call JD that same night. He's on his way back from Central City. Another Surprise! Gary Don had sent some of that awesome Owensboro BBQ to me! Damn what a great day it was! Now look everybody. I know I've lost a lot of weight from working so much, but you really don't have to feed me..... On second thought, Please feed me! C'mon! I'm starving over here! Just joking. I just feel thankful that I have such good friends that give things to me out of the kindness of their heart.
The fact that its food, makes me that much more grateful.


B$ said...

No offense to Lisa, but no one's lasagna rivals mine. JK. Actually, I'm a little out of practice, but I smell a challenge. Are you game Lisa?!?

Anonymous said...

Bring it on! I just hope your lasagna making skills are better than your pool playing skills.

B$ said...

That's below the belt, especially from someone who was running to back and forth to the bathroom between games. I 'took a bullet' for the team, so that you could get some rest. And this is the thanks I get!

Lisa said...

awwwww. i sorry brett. :(