Monday, June 13, 2005

We're all going to Hell

I know, I know, it's sick, but for the last couple of years, a few of us get together on Halloween and play the Celebrity Death Pool. We all give the names of 12 celebrities who we think will pass on within the coming year. We get twelve celebrities that will go in "natural ways" and are also awarded a bonus pick in which the celebrity (who must be under 50) must die in an "unnatural way" Natural ways count for one point and the bonus is worth three. Who ever scores the most points gets treated to a free meal. And, it looks like, with Rosa Parks' unfortunate passing, Dave is gonna take this one home. We will be doing a new one on Halloween if anyone is interested. Here is everyone's lists along with their score at the bottom. Did Savannah turn in one last year? Cause I don't have it my saved emails. Anyway here it is, and please don't think less of us, we're just having fun here.

1.Jim Nabors
2. Richard Pryor
4. Boris Yelstin
5.Lady Bird Johnson
6.Billy Graham
7. Jerry Lee Lewis
8.Annette Funicello
9.Jerry Lewis
10. Don Knotts
11. Gerald Ford
12. Mickey Rooney

13. Howard Stern

Score 1 (PJP II)

Amber M.
1. Kirk Douglas
2. Sen. Robert Byrd
3. Johnny Carson
4. Andy Griffith
5. Ed McMann
6. George Jones
7. Gerald Ford
8. Jerry Lewis
9. Pope John Paul II
10.Elizabeth Taylor
11. Walter Cronkite
12. Paul Harvey

13. ** Michael Jackson **

Score:2 (PJP II, Carson)

Jon Connor
2004-05 list
1. Pope John Paul II
2. Nancy Reagan
3. Kirk Douglas
4. Shirley Temple
5. Robert Schuller
6. Paul Harvey
7. Walter Cronkite
8. Gerald Ford
9. Phyllis Diller
10. Hugh Downs
11. Lady Bird Johnson
12. Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard)

13. Todd Bridges

(Score: 1 (PJP II)

1. Annette Funicello
2. Fidel Castro
3. Pope
4. William Rehnquist
5. Lady Bird Johnson
6. Nelson Mandela
7. Jerry Lewis
8. Osama bin Laden
9. Richard Pryor
10. John Wooden
11. Walter Cronkite
12. Rosa Parks

**Courtney Love
Score:3 (PJP II, Rehinquist, Parks)

1 Elizabeth Taylor
2 Nancy Reagan
3 Liza Minelli
4 Saddam Hussein
5 William Rehnquist
6 Patty Duke
7 Hugh Downs
8 Peter O'Toole
9 Pope
10 Osama bin Laden

Wild Card: Scott Weiland
Score : 2 (Pope, Rehnquist)

1. The Pope
2. George Bush, Sr.
3. Andy Griffith
4. Liza Minnelli
5. David Lee Roth
6. Don Zimmer
7. Martin Landau
8. Keith Richards
9. Bob Barker
10. John Wooden
11. George Wendt
12. Dennis Hopper

*13. David Blaine*

Score: 1 (The Pope)

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