Thursday, June 09, 2005

What I do all Day

In case anyone wonders just what it is that I do all day, I'll show ya. I drive one of these mommas!


This is the truck I drove last summer. The one I have now is a little bigger and blue, but you get the general idea.
Sometimes it gets really hot out there and I have to resort to "sampling" some of the products. Here is my top five drinks I like to "borrow."

1. Aquafina
Nothing hits the spot like nature's soft drink
2. Tropicana Orangeade
Its new, and its damned good!
3. Mountain Dew Live Wire
Like Mountain Dew, 'cept orangey. Yum!
4. Tropicana Lemonade
Old Fashioned guys like old fashioned drinks
5. Pepsi
Goes good with cheesy poofs i buy at Speedway

Along with five I will never sample because they are gross
1. Anything that contains the word "Diet"
This includes all the drinks with the new Splenda stuff. Its still makes me gag.
2. Frappichino
Its coffee! Its milky! Its nasty!
3. 7up Plus
If you've had Crystal Light, then youve tasted this. Again, Gross!
4. Holiday Spice Pepsi
Thank God the holidays are over
5. Lipton Green Tea
First of all, it looks like urine, second of all, Yuk!


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Anonymous said...

I love, love, love 7up plus!! Lisa