Thursday, November 16, 2006


Some news from Schanding Land.....

(This is Lisa.)

We're having a girl! (Jonah was bummed.) Don't worry. Everything will be okay. You had nothing to do with what happened last time. It's time to let it go Phil.

Should we be allowed to look at this one?

it kinda looks like she's drinking something. if she's like the old man, it's probably beer.

Check out the big brain on Lisa's baby!

Dave and Lisa will now be taking suggestions for names in the comment section on my blog. I kinda like Charlotte, Shannon, or anything else that starts with the "Sh" sound. Well, ok, not Shelia.


Anonymous said...

OH HOW EXCITING!!! Congrats!
I don't know many "Sh" names, other than the ones you mentioned, maybe Sherice, Shelly. Although Megan is a beautiful name. :)
Megan D

jenmiller said...

Congrats Schandings! I'll have to think of some name suggestions!

Jon said...

If she's gonna be a beer drinker, like her Daddy, better go with a strong German Brunnhilde.

Anonymous said...

That first picture is a little invasive. Maybe we should take that one off. I'm already overprotective.


Amber said...

Dave will be such a good Daddy to a little girl! Not that he's not a good daddy to a little Dark Vader, but he's got experience with little girls. Not in a pervy way but in the way that all his siblings have little girls. Whatever I'm trying to say.

Congrats to the Schandings, such good news! I vote for Shannon, because one of the greatest people ever invented is named Shannon. If you really want to doozey it up, you could borrow her entire name -- Shannon Shanelle. Sheesh! Otherwise, I like Isabelle (but I'm kind of reserving that for Shannon and Charles' little girl, which I hope they have since I already have a nephew) or Penelope (because it takes balls to have that name) or Amber (because people think you're a stripper and oddly enough that works to your advantage) or Shelby or Shea, or, worst case scenario, Shakira. That would go nicely with Schanding. I'm sure she'll be stunning and sweet and a little bit sassy, whatever her name is.

liz said...

Name her Alice or Amelia.
Amelia comes as a saint name, double bonus. Saint Amalberga a.k.a. Amelia raised her children and then withdrew from the world and became a nun. She was once seen crossing a lake on a sturgeon, and that is why she is often pictured riding on a fish.

Shannon said...

Congratulations! Did I read right that Lisa is about 20 weeks?
Shane could be a girl's name.
I like Amelia though, weird story Liz.