Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Many things change in my life.
I used to not like Sour Cream. Now I love it.
I didn't always like the music group Journey. Now, of course, I do.
Scary Movies and Roller Coasters weren't always my thing. But now I love them, too.
One thing that has never changed throughout my lifetime is my devotion to a certain basketball team known as the Kentucky Wildcats. I've bled Blue ever since I can remember and when I came across this old clip on Youtube, old memories came rushing back. It's of former Kentucky governer Happy Chandler singing "My Old Kentucky Home" on Senior Day sometime in the mid eighties.
I can remember watching it live and I'm not ashamed to tell you I got a little choked up.

It makes me proud to a fan and also to be from the state of Kentucky.

I still get emotional when I watch it after all these years.

My favorite player ever, Rex Chapman

My favorite game ever. Kentucky beats Duke in 98


Lisa said...

They sure are making it difficult this year. At least David doesn't have to worry about me going into labor during a tournament game.

Jon said...

Ramel Bradley...needs some pine time at crunch time. Did anyone notice how little of a factor he was early in the game, yet somehow we played pretty well? Then at crunch time, with Ramel handling the ball, how poorly we executed?

Lisa said...

Yeah. Bradley stinks.

Ms. Thomas said...

Dang Lisa. Someone get Tubby on the phone... I think he could use a pregnant new assistant!

Ames said...

Yeah, Bradley was pretty much a non-factor against Georgia last night and look how well we did... AMAZING!