Thursday, February 15, 2007



Every ski trip has memorable moments.
Ski Tri V had some teenager named Bracken scaling the balcony to get in the cabin.
Ski Trip I had Amy losing a dare and being forced to urinate on film.
Ski Trip III had Dave Sch. and his unforgettable "Best Black Coach" chant. (What WAS that metallic noise?)
Well, without a doubt, when all is said and done, this ski trip will be remembered for Matt's odd (and sometimes violent) behavior.
I never dreamed I would get in a wrestling match with Matt.
But I did, and most people didn't realize this, but we almost took out a wall in the process! (I'm still waiting on the bill)
Anyway, I don't know why I (along with Amber Scott and a few others) were the targets of his rage, but if it weren't
for Vick, some of might not have survived!
But seriously, Matt was a lot of fun, and so was everyone else and I consider myself fortunate to have such fun and interesting people as friends! (Even Marc)
But enough about that shit, it's been two weeks since we all got in our vehicles and headed down to paradise.
Every year, I like to look back and reflect on the trip and ask myself "Was this the Best Ski Trip ever?"
Well to do that, we'd have to compare Ski Trip VII to all the other ones.
We'll get to that soon enough, but first let's take a look at Ski Trip VII, shall we?

BEER BONG PRO: It gets you really drunk, really fast, and it makes you feel young again!
BEER BONG CON: You wake up the next morning and realize you used up two kegs!

Marc actually allowed the girls to gel up his hair! I couldn't believe it either!

THE USUAL SUSPECTS STAY UP THE LATEST; Ok, I messed up the first night and got waaaaay to drunk and had to retire early. But it wasn't because I was tired! The other two nights I was among the last ones standing, (along with Marc, Melissa, and Megan H.)
I even went to bed one night when the sun was up!
Also shout out to team Stamina and Team Drunk! I had a great time hanging out with my West V peeps!

Did this ever get old?

Was this one better than the much ballyhooed class of Ski Trip V?
Neighbor Dave, Megan H, Lisa, Leiah, Heidi, Amy Jo, Gina, Griffin, Amber M. vs. Brad, Dawn, Matt, Kristy, Vick. and Pork Chop, You be the judge.

END OF AN ERA? The Pool tourney wasn't played, Gatinburg Idol a no show.
In their place was Guitar Hero and Cornhole.
Why? Well, let's face it. Anybody can be good at Cornhole and well, it's a lot more fun. Guitar Hero rocks. Idol had it's time. Maybe it's time to let it go.

Before the Dave's dominance. Amy and Brett were pool champs.
Is this a thing of the past?

Also coming soon: ANGER!

MISTAKES: Never, ever, rent a cabin with the caption "Photos coming soon" beneath it. Also, never, bong a beer, take several shots of Tequilla and go to another cabin to soak in the hot tub. Looking back, I could have drowned. But if you think about it, what a perfect way for me to go out! Thanks to Jon and JD for carrying up to my bed. Pivot!
Nice Shot, Jon. Thanks!

THE UNDERAPPREICIATED MEMBERS OF THE SKI TRIP Thanks to everyone who helped clean and cook. We couldn't have a good trip without you. I would mention everyone by name, but I would probably forget someone and hurt their feelings. I think everyone knows who did what and to them I say again "Thank You!"

So where does SKI TRIP VII stack up?
Well, let's compare and contrast, shall we?

7. Ski Trip IV
Don't even try to front, Ski Trip IV! Your not even that cute!

Worst Ski Trip Ever. When I think of this trip and compare it to Ski Trip VII, it's laughable. How many people can pile on a couch and watch TV? People were arguing and crying for Christ's Sake! Only bright points: Premeire of GATLINBURG REWIND (even though some people walked out) , Kate's Swan Song, First appearence of Will,Marc and Melissa. Other than that, what a nightmare!

6. Ski Trip II
Hey, check out the view!.....of another cabin.

It was a shack in the Suburbs! Only thing I can tell you about this trip was Jen got pushed down the stairs.
That's not good.
"Phil is 30" rocked though!

5. Ski Trip I
You may never forget the first time, but I've had better!

I'll catch a lot of flak from some of the OG's (JD, Kristin) for putting the first one this low and yes, the first time was a lot of fun. But think of everything it didn't have: No Video , no group game, no West Virginians, No Melissa Crew, No Neighbor Dave, Hell, there wasn't even an Ohnheiser in sight! We've came a long way, baby!

4.Ski Trip III
Who's that guy with Kristin?

Now we're gettin good! Matt and Kara show their face. Dave pays his dues to Tubby. James and Logan. JD is 30 premieres. Hell, we even rode the mechanical bull! Good Times.

3. Ski Trip VI
Ski Trip VI
Where is Brady and Tina?

I had a lot of fun last year, but other than the pinata thing, not many memorable moments. But definitly worthy of the number 3 slot. First appearance of Jana. Cora was fun too. Limbo!

2. Ski Trip VII
Brett Slaton: Cyborg.

A kick ass Rookie class, Guitar Hero, and Cornhole weren't enough to overcome the cramped quarters and the cold walks some people had to endure to get to their bedroom. I had a blast, though! A very close second!

1. Ski Trip V
Winner and still champ! Neighbor Dave, Melissa's friends, Lisa and the other rookies help bring the Ski Trip back to glory! Too many good things about this trip to be second to anyone. Cool T shirts too! Viva Ski Trip V!

Thanks to everyone who made it this year! I had a blast! Only about 350 more days!


Ames said...

Of course, I didn't make it to 3, 4, or 5, but there was something inherently magical about that first trip... it was when the pool tournament was king and we never even freakin' watched the superbowl... we were young and we didn't care... that's what memories are made of my friend... firsts

Lisa said...

I agree that V was the best, but maybe because that's the only ski trip I've attended that I actually got to drink! I think David might be the only one who disagrees.

Anonymous said...

V sucked.

Jen said...

Finally!! I agree that Ski Trip V was the best, but alas, I've missed the last 2 years! I promise I'll make it next year - especially since I have a firm belief that the Mexicans gave me shingles...

Jon said...

I don't care what JMill say,
Cancun, man, just ain't the same!

Sherman said...

Those girls took advantage of my youth and innocence with that hair gel.

Anonymous said...

I never get tired of the Guitar Break JD. Just remember, "No Stairway"....

Jmill, shingles? Have we learned our lesson young lady???

Neighbor Dave