Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two Islands, A Lake and a New House


This Saturday some of the gang decided to go to Kings Island. The new ride, Firehawk was OK, but also kinda slow. But oh well. Let me just say this. KINGS ISLAND IS A GIANT TOURIST TRAP. Price gouging has now gone to ridiculous levels. Parking is now 10.00 a pop.! Plus the food is outrageously high. (Not to mention the 45.00 entrance fee) Despite all of this, we still managed to have a good time and even got an old timey photo out of it..

While we waited in line to get the photo we enjoyed this weird massaging chair. For some of us, it may have been the best ride of the day.

A Nice photo.....

The other Island in question was HIlton Head Island, SC. Here I am digging my toes in the sand. Damn, that felt nice!

Since we arrived during the offseason, we pretty much had a private pool. The pool was really nice. But aren't most pools?

On Memorial Day Weekend we were invited back to Lake Cumberland for some fun on "Off the Clock" It was Jennifer's first time and she loved the Ski Doos! Thank God she didn't wreck one.

Check out this year's farmer's tan. It may be the best one yet!

Matt hitches a ride.

Kara fixes Jon a slice of Watermelon

This girl is Crazy!

Olivia always seems to make new friends wherever she goes.

Skipping around a bit, after Kings Island, we visited Jen and her beau, Mike. Here they are showing off their big ass grill

jD gets his eats on.

Can't ya just hear Kara cackle?

Jen fixed us Strawberry Pie, I ate three slices. She also fixed brownies. Best hostess ever? I think so.



Lisa said...

Who is that behind Jon? If I know you, I apologize.

Anonymous said...

Memories...like the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored memories....of the way we were. Scattered pictures... ok, I'm done. :)

Ms. Thomas said...

You guys look so dangerous. And hot. Is it hot there? It's still not safe to leave the house without a sweater here.

I love the Western pics. You should post them altogether so we can see the progression... starting with the one with Misty in it!

Ms. Thomas said...

I hate to point this out, but Lisa is blogging more than you these days, and not only does she have a mate, but she has two kids, one of whom is an infant. Remember all that crap you gave her? You're asking for it back, you know...

Jen said...

Where are the updates??!! It's been a month now - get with it! Even I've updated...

I'm so bummed I can't make the pool party. Send Robin (and those potatoes) my love. Also, someone needs to do "Amber and Jennifer" in our honor.

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

Pool party!Pool party!Pool party!

Anonymous said...

I think I hear a Bugle...and it's playing Taps.