Sunday, July 22, 2007


Every year the Ski Trip gets all the love and the hype, but the pool party just keeps on truckin-- now in it's tenth year!
If we were to make T Shirts for the pool party, maybe it would say something like POOL PARTY X: ON GOLDEN POND.... You know, since we're all getting kinda old...hmm... anyway, in between the chicken fights and cannonball contests I always take time and reflect on pool parties past and wish that everyone who had ever attended could miraculously come back but I know this probably won't ever happen. Plus, could Robin cook for all of them? Something tells me she probably could.
But anyway, we had a HUGE turnout this year, as the driveway had no spots left! Hell, even Marc Sherman came! (not pictured)

The next generation of pool party attendees.

"ok, boys, listen up. This is how it's gonna be"

New faces dotted this year's line up. Pictured are Jennifer, and her friends, Lauren and Kevin (who can play a mean guitar). Kevin's wife Nancy not pictured. (also a lot of fun)

The kids were really impressed by Matt's splashes. Heck, we all were. Robin didn't have to water the plants for a whole week afterward!

I know that water is not Brett's.

Team Old School. To my knowledge, JD and Jon are the only 10-time pool party goers! Kudos!

Olivia with her latest boyfriend.

The Schandings, in full family formation.

As always, Robin made some delicious food. How's that for an understatement?

It was kinda dark when we took the group photo. plus, the Schandings had already left. But you get the picture. There was a lot of people. Thanks to the kids for bringing the mean age down a little. They were all great kids and they always make it more fun for me!

The sun sets on yet another pool party. Thanks to everyone who showed up the year. I had a blast!


Jen said...

Brett's alive??????!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Thomas said...

That's the best turnout I've ever seen! And now I'm going to dream about Robin's Mac n' cheese...

Ms. Thomas said...

Are you coming back to blog again ever in this lifetime???