Friday, February 15, 2008


Unfortunatly, the six pack had to be removed also

Aint this pretty? After feeling a "slight bump" in my abdomen a few months ago, I decided to go visit the doc and see what it was all about. At first they thought it might be a mild hernia or overdeveloped muscles (yeah right) After a few tests it was determined to be a tumor. Benign, Thank God! So, I had to get that thing outta there! After being a little nervous at first, I managed to get through the surgery with a little help from my friends. Thanks everyone!

Turns out, it was pretty big. How big? This big.

Actual tumor was a MacGregor

The Schandings brought me a DVD player, DVDs, and an assortment of books, The Divines brought be the National Inquirer and more mags, Jennifer's Mom brought me a baloon and candy, Matt and Kara brought me puzzle games and candy,and Jon brought me a Starting Lineup figure of my favorite player (Mike Schmidt) and my Mom brought more love. I felt blessed.

Kara and Matt brought me this. In a little while, I will be visiting Kara in the hospital. I gotta bring something real good now!

I also had another friend at my side at all times. Johnny Morphine. I couldn't have got through it without him!




It also helped having my own private nurse there with me all the time. Jennifer pulled some strings and got me into a private room. She helped so me so much and I am lucky to have her. Thanks Babe!


Ames said...

Jesus! Somebody give a sister a phone call... I had no idea. I'm glad you're ok. If ya need anything give me a call.
love you man

Anonymous said...

Jeez...sorry. I wear sandles, walk everywhere I go, and only have scrolls to write on. What is this "Phone" you speak of.


Ames said...

sorry jesus... i forgot

Amber Moles said...

I had no idea either Phil. I'm glad everything is ok!

Lisa said...

Glad we could help cheer you up! Although it didn't take much with the morphine drip going. And we're so glad Jennifer's here to keep you in good health.

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks Phil! Why'd you plant a baseball seed in your stomach! Bet you won't do that again...

Seriously, I hope you feel good as new soon! Sending "get well" wishes your way.


Ms. Thomas said...

PHIL!!! Tumors in the stomach are not something you keep a secret. I'm glad you got lots of love and goodies and morphine.. and a private nurse... did you get the tumor on purpose so you could have a private nurse?!!

Seriously, those staples look gnarly, and I'm glad you're okay. Get well soon... I'll send some California sunshine your way to help speed up your recovery ;)

Anonymous said...

Deskins glad your better. Guys at work have been asking about you. You were in our thoughts and prayers. It may be just me but the sales dept went down hill when we ran out of Deskins. ANONYMOUS

Anonymous said...

OK Mr I'm-laying-on-my-toockus-for-the-next-six-weeks! Since you have all this time, how about another update? I'll even take another pic of your nasty incision.