Monday, September 01, 2008


In case you haven't heard, Jennifer and I have decided to call off the big wedding and have a small beach wedding. After many discussions and thoughts in both directions, we just thought this was what we wanted.  We are set to be wed on Saturday, October 25 in Destin FL. (assuming a hurricane doesn't come along and wipe the city off the map) Anyone who wants to joins us is welcome to. Meanwhile here are some random photos  that have yet to be shared with the masses. 

This years fantasy football draft was held. Last years champ John McLain  and his No Talent Assclowns were  presented the trophy.

SANY0280 by you.
Old friend Amy Harris joined this year after Mike flipped out. (Don't ask)

SANY0285 by you.
Ben made the trip down from Louisville. Here he is cheating off my notes.

SANY0279 by you.
Brad finally sees how a real fantasy league operates.

DSCN1248 by you.
No, JD hasn't lost weight. This picture was taken a couple Halloweens ago at the Ohnheiser Compound. Just thought I'd throw it in here.

DSCN1249 by you.
Matt and Kara, pre- Samantha.

DSCN1259 by you.
Me and some of the folks from the ATL

DSCN1260 by you.
It's hard to visit the Dirty Dirty without flashing at least one gang symbol.

SANY0168 by you.
Did I mention we went to Kings Island?

SANY0170 by you.
JD after selling his watch to buy that water.

SANY0165 by you.
It never fails, every year you see some idiot who tries to impress his girlfriend and wins a bunch of huge stuffed animals and then has to carry them around all day in the hot sun. This year was no different.

SANY0167 by you.
Mike, staring in amazement at said idiot.

SANY0179 by you.
My mom, trying to convince Jennifer not to back out of the wedding. I think she made a good case for me. Thanks Mom.

Hey look closely and you see that's Penny in a tree!

SANY0261 by you.
Workin' my magic on Jennifer's cat, Stuart.

SANY0266 by you.
Matt and Sammich partyin'. HMMM... This brings back memories....

I guess it runs in the family.

DSCN1352 by you.
JD   celebrates becoming a teacher!

DSCN1392 by you.
 A little foreshadowing anyone?

SANY0182 by you.
I still cant believe this hot chick will be my wife! This calls for another videa!

Ok, why not another one.


Jen said...

Ahhh, memories.... I love these pictures! Keep posting!

Can't wait to see you guys Saturday!

Jen said...

You better post on the engagement party / shower - I have 12 bug bites on my leg to show for that!