Sunday, March 15, 2009


During this month long blogfest (halfway there), I usually wake up early, post and then be done with it. This morning, I tried to do this but failed because I am still slightly tipsy from the gallon of Kiran Ichaban I drank last night a Nagasaki. Jen and Mike came into town this weekend to visit. They had their own little tour of homes, as they visited the Schandings and the Divines homes before meeting us out for dinner at the Japanese Restaurant. I love Japanese food (well, except for Sushi). Over the years it has probably replaced Pizza as my favorite food. I cleaned my plate and then Jennifer's too. I was going to finish Lauren's as well, but the waiter took her plate away before I could get to it. Here are some photos of the evening.

On the way there, Jennifer and Lauren wanted to take silly photos in the car. That's about as silly as I could get.

Q: What has two thumbs and loves Japanese food?
A: This girl!

My friends. I love them!

When it comes to eating Japanese food, I'm all business. Mike, on the other hand, takes a more light hearted approach. To each his own.

Looking forward to that wedding. Who's with me?

Another highlight of the evening was meeting Tim Masthay, the kicker for UK. He and Jennifer are old friends, and I could tell right away that he is a good, upstanding, young man and I hope he catches on with an NFL team.


Jen said...

We had a great time!! And, we are pretty excited about the wedding ... : ) Keep the song suggestions coming, Phil!

Anonymous said...

How come I wasn't invited?