Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's hard to believe it is March and UK is not in the tournament. This sucks. I tried to watch an NBA game last night but I almost fell asleep. That made me think about the cool commercials with the movie stars the NBA used to run. I tried to find the ones I remember on YouTube but this is the only one I found. This is one of those posts I'm not proud of, but it's all I got today. I'll be back at full strength soon. Right now I am experiencing what's known as a "lull" Anyway, here is that commercial.


Jen said...

When in doubt, you can always post on the cats ... Haven't Pink and Stuart gotten into any noteworthy trouble lately?

Lisa said...

I'd like to see a day in Phil's life at work.

Philip Deskins said...

Pink and Stuart are always in trouble.



LKS said...

It's hard enough to come up with comments for daily blogs. So I know it's hard to come up with content!