Thursday, March 05, 2009


To the surprise of all most no one, Ski Trip V has taken top ski trip honors in a poll conducted by this site. Of course this poll probably means nothing since a) only 10 people responded, which accounts for roughly 15 % of the total number of people who have ever came to the trips and b) only 5 people have been on all 9 trips, and I'm pretty sure at least 2 of those people didn't respond to this poll.
Regardless, I think the pollsters got it right. Thanks to a kickass rookie class, and some other shenanigans I shan't go into,Ski Trip V rocked!
So that brings us to the next poll. Which videa was your favorite? Since the first trip, there have been a total of 7 videos. Now I realize not everyone has seen all of the videos. To remedy this, I'm gonna give you summaries, highlights, and lowlight of all the videos. This way if, say, you've only seen one or two videos, you can read my summaries and say to yourself " hey, that sounds a whole lot better than the one I saw!", and vote for that one. Anyway, here we go.

1. Phil is 30

Shown on: Ski Trip II

Summary: Friends and relatives of Phil are interviewed. Lovefest ensues. Only video not directed by me, which will guarantee Marc will vote for this one even though I'm sure he hasn't seen it.

Highlights: JD and Megan reenact a scene from Fargo

Lowlight: I turned 30

2. JD is 30

Shown on: Ski Trip III

Summary: JD 's friends and relatives are interviewed. Hilarity commences.

Highlight: JD's Dad becomes Darth Vader

Lowlight: Me, in a diaper

3. Gatlinburg Rewind

Shown on: Ski Trip IV

Summary: A clip show that shows highlights from the first three trips, with some skits thrown in

Highlights: Dave's acting, JD as James Lipton

Lowlights: Lots of Ass

4. Oh Gatlinburg!

Shown on: Ski Trip V

Summary: It was kinda like a musical or something

Highlights: The takeoff on Annie

Lowlight:The takeoff on Caberet

5. Gatlinburg on Demand

Shown on: Ski Trip VI

Summary: The only video with an actual plot. Jen berates me for not working harder on the video; Megan brings me a "magical birth day cake" from which I make a wish that the video is done and then Presto! The video is all magically on my Tivo menu!

Highlights: The Atlanta Crew do I Love Lucy, Matt and Kara's The Croc Hunter

Lowlight: Waaaaay too much of my acting on camera

6. Gatlinburg Live!

Shown on: Ski Trip VII

Highlights: In the Year 3000, Megan and the Ski Trip Singers

Lowlights: It was only about 15 minutes long

7. Ski Trippers

Shown on: Ski Trip IX

Summary: A bunch of skits thrown together

Highlights: The Hills takeoff, lots of wigs, Megan's voice

Lowlights: viewers had to sit through drunk Phil getting through the Live with the Schandings skit

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I will post the Croc Hunter skit soon per Amber. Any other requests? Let me know!


Lisa said...

Wasn't Oh Gatlinburg! shown at ski trip V? That's when you, Megan, and JD showed up at my house with a big wig and freaked me out a little bit.
I voted for Gatlinburg on Demand. I loved everyone's skits but especially the Schandings doing Hank Hill. Plus it was an awesome moment announcing our pregnancy to everyone even though it didn't work out.

Jen said...

I would like to see you in a diaper again - I need one myself whenever I watch that - toooooo funny!

Jon Connor said...

I can't bring myself to vote for a best video yet, because I need to review each one. Seems like the only ones that we get to watch, are Gatlinburg Rewind, and Oh Gatlinburg, since they were the only ones released to the general public. From what I remember though, I can vote for best ski trip opening credits...That belongs to Ski Trip VIII (not listed in options), the soprano's one.

Sperbeck said...

I am having a hard time picking just one too...