Sunday, August 02, 2009


                          "Eating meat is natural." Really? Is this natural?

After years and years of eating meat, I have finally stopped. I am proud to say that I am a vegetarian.

The hardest part hasn't been giving up meat. That's been really easy. The hardest part has been the shit I've been getting from  alot of my friends (not all of them)  when I tell them I've given up meat. I mean, its almost like they can't believe it. 
Some of them seem almost angry. 
Others seem to believe that this is all Jennifer's idea and she is forcing it on me.
 Its actually more of the opposite. It was my idea, and she is trying to support me as much as she can. She has agreed to try her best not to eat meat, (she used to be a vegan herself) while continuing to eat fish. 
Still other people seem concerned for my well-being.
" Where is your protein coming from?" They say.
"You'll wither away into nothing, I mean, you are already skinny!" They say.
This is something I've always wanted to do.
 Why I haven't done it sooner is probably because over the years, I have been brainwashed into thinking I have to have meat to order to survive. 
This is complete B.S. 
 I haven't eaten red meat in nearly 4 months and I have to say that I feel the same as I did before. No change.
In fact,  since giving meat up, I have discovered several new foods that I never would have tried before.
Here is a shock.
Veggie burgers are better than regular burgers. They are better for you. They have a lot less fat   than beef and they taste better. (thats right i said that) and they take a lot less time to prepare.
Why have I given up meat?
Look, I'm not going to get on my soap box and start preaching but there are a million reasons not to eat meat. 
The number one reason is we are herbivores. Not carnivores or even omnivores. We don't have sharp  claws  or teeth for tearing raw meat and we can't run as fast as most game animals. Our stomachs are not made for digesting meat and neither are our intestines. 
Add this to the fact that the way they feed and harvest animals nowadays are not only unnatural but unethical, gives me more than enough reasons to stop eating meat. 
I can go on and on but I won't. I'm sure some (or more than likely, all)  of the people who read this will disagree, but its how I feel.  
Ah but hell,  what do I know?I'm just an average guy. These vegetarians are a lot cooler than me. Maybe they will sway you.


Anonymous said...

I have an awesome recipe for black bean burgers if you wanna give those a try.

Philip Deskins said...

We will make some burgers together when I get to Vegas. Just like when we make pancakes (which i can still eat) on the Ski Trip. Thanks Kristin!

Anonymous said...

More power to you, Phil!


Jen said...

Were you a vegetarian at our wedding? If I'd known, I could have gotten you a veggie meal - we had three others there and we got special meals for them ... Amber can attest to that.

Congrats on making a decision you stand behind! I gave up meat once for lent ... it was hard!

Philip Deskins said...

I hadn't gone full fledged vegetarian yet, but that is the last time I can remember eating chicken. Red meat has been off the menu for a little bit longer than that. Thanks for the well wishes, Jen!

Kris said...

Phil, I don't eat much meat. I only eat it when I am forced(by circumstances, not people) to. The only thing I suggest is make sure you find a good source of protien because my muscles got really weak at first. I had to take suppliments for a while. Along with weak muscles, I started losing hair. As soon as I got my protien regulated, I was fine. I don't eat meat because I don't like the texture, and because of the animal cruelty. Best of luck to you.

Ms. Thomas said...

Welcome to our exclusive club of People who Care about Animals/Health/the Planet, Phil!!

I've found tons of tasty... and protein packed... ways to not miss the meat in your daily life, so if you need pointers or product ideas, let me know. For starters, go to the Co-op and get some tempeh... I eat that stuff all the time and it's delicious. We do BLT's with the Fakin' Bacon (smoked tempeh)... soooo good. And Kristin's black bean burgers have become a staple at every family gathering, they are so good. My mom even makes them in bulk and freezes them for later.

Congrats on your decision and good luck with it. Let the haters hate... you'll outlive them anyway ;)

Philip Deskins said...

Thanks Amber. My only regret is that I failed to join the club a lot sooner. By the way, Jennifer mentioned that I came across as being angry at everyone in this post. I promise I am not angry at anyone! I sure didn't mean for it to sound that way. I was kinda puzzled by some of the reactions, that's all. I love humans AND animals!-- Again, not hurt or offended at anyone, I swear it!

Ms. Thomas said...

Oh, also, the Morningstar Sausage Patties are even better than actual sausage. Go get those!

Jen said...

I'm glad you discussed the "angry tone." It's your blog and you can say what you want, but I was the most hurt/shocked by your comment that "I'm sure some (or more than likely, all) of the people who read this will disagree."

That made me really sad to think you see your friends in that light. As one of your regular commenters and a friend, you assume I don't support you. I'd like that if anything, your group of friends (and me) has supported you through thick and thin - good times and bad (with exceptions, of course).

I may not always agree with my friends not believing in religion or not eating meat or being Bengals fans ... but they are allowed to live their life as they please and I'll do my best to understand and support ... because that's what friends do. : )

Philip Deskins said...

Jen, you are right, and when you put it that way, I realize how wrong I was. Sorry everyone. I'm an idiot.

Jen said...

Oh, I didn't mean to make you feel bad ... just wanted you to know that we love ya and support ya! Now, go enjoy a soy dog or something : )

Ms. Thomas said...

I feel a group e-hug coming on...

Can someone let me borrow a cat? I'm jonesing for a pet but don't want the commitment. Thanks!

Ames said...

you know, i was just givin' you a good ribbin' man. You do what you want... i'll support you either way. I guess as an 'omnivore', i just don't get it... I believe that are few things tastier that a good, well-prepared piece of chicken or pork... but that's just me... i think the thing that got me was how it just seemed all of the sudden. That might be because i don't see you as much as i should, but one day you're eating chili and the next you just don't eat meat at all. I'm not saying i buy in to ALL of the propaganda about it being evil and such, but if it's what you wanna do, then I support you and I'll stop givin' you crap about it... i had no idea that bothered you.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you acted like a god damn ass. Take your pretentious vegan shit and shove it up your ass.

Philip Deskins said...
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Philip Deskins said...
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Philip Deskins said...

I didn't come here to debate you Amy. I didn't come here to debate. But lets sit down one day over beer and talk about it.
To who ever left those last comments. Nice. At least sign your name next time.

Shanonita said...

Kristin's black bean burgers are freakin awesome. They saved my life in Las Vegas. My hubbie has been a vegetarian for over twenty years and hasn't withered away, yet : )

Anonymous said...

carrots are grown the same way