Sunday, May 02, 2010


Yesterday was the first time maybe in my life that I didn't watch the derby. I had no interest at all. Remember two years ago when Big Brown won and the second place horse Eight Belles (pictured ) broke her ankles and had to be put down? That really troubled me and has kinda soured me on horse racing as a whole. Sure Keeneland is fun, and it's always a good time but for me, everything changed on that day. I dunno maybe I'm sad because it's been raining so hard that I think I'm going to have to build an ark soon. Maybe it's because we had an open house yesterday and nobody came. (Every time I say that out loud, I start singing Eleanor Rigby) Regardless, it's how I feel today and it's my blog and like JMiIl said, I'm allowed to vent on here. Anyway, remember Eight Belles.

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Jen said...

I wasn't into it either. The last 2 years we've been preparing to run a full or half marathon the next day. Between the rain and being tired and feeling like I needed to spend time unpacking vs watching TV, I just wasn't into it. This rain needs to stop!

Sorry to hear about the open house - most folks these days seem to have realtors and prefer a "private" showing ... that and the rain are probably the culprits. Keep your chin up : )