Friday, September 17, 2010


On Sept 3, we held our 15th annual fantasy draft.
The first one was held in 1996 and some of the drafters that day included Tracy Joyce and some clown named Dennis .
Dennis and his nutjob wife Nancy were notorious for feeding their kids Dimetapp when they got a little too rowdy.
Ah...the crowd we used to associate ourselves with.
Dennis drafted first that day, and picked John Elway.
Damn, we're old.

After hours and hours of pre-draft prep and careful fine tuning of his team throughout the year, Brad allowed Matt to pretend like he won the title.
The highlight of my week came a few days before, when I told the woman at Hallmark Trophies to engrave the words "Meat Curtains" on the cup.

Here's Jon, trying to figure out how in the hell he is going to deal with the Hellhounds squad this year. Good Luck, Jon.

Here's JD, manager of Los Bastardos. He hasn't had the trophy since we were filming "JD is Thirty"
Will this be the year for him?
Not if the Hellhounds have something to say about it.
I'll ask them and get back to you.

Here's Ben, who came all the way in from the Ville to draft with us.
He calls his team LonMuNu which has something to do with Lon Chaney, (not the werewolf guy) who used to work at Toys R Us with us.
He hasn't won the title since Clinton was president, but he always has the best looking NFL gear at the draft.

Here is Marc and Brett. Marc is the commish of our league and his Sherman Tanks have won the title twice, including the first year. He must be very proud of that one. Congrats, Marc. You beat Tracy, Dennis, Steve Robinson and a bunch of guys who didn't know what the hell they were doing.
Then there is Brett. Fifteen years, no titles.
He's kind of like the Cubs of our league.
Except I hate the Cubs. I kinda like Brett.

Women love fantasy football. These two begged and pleaded to be allowed to attend the draft. Finally they wore me down and I allowed it. Needless to say, they were not disappointed. Jealous Megan?

Before the draft, Amy was giving us some crap about not drafting Drew Brees. We all knew better and she picked him again with her first pick.
Ah... the Harris-Brees love affair continues yet another year. Madden curse be damned!

Caroline sat next to me at the draft and ate all of my chips.
It's weird, I had the sneaking suspicion that she was telling Dave some of my picks....Nah, that little angel wouldn't do that!

I knew it!

Oops! Hey, how'd this get in here? Oh well, probably just a sign of things to come....


Megan said...

Nope, not jealous at all! I still hate football and still could care less for your fantasy leagues.
I got to play with the most adorable little redhead instead. So, HA! Who's jealous now???!!!

Lisa said...

Oh yeah. We BEGGED to be there.

Jen said...

I need to have a chat with Jennifer and Lisa ... begging to join a fantasy draft?? Please tell me they used that time and the equivalent of the league entry fee for a mani/pedi as I do every fall ...

Ms. Thomas said...

I never understood why it took four hours to do a football draft. At least Caroline was there to provide some real entertainment.

Lisa and Jennifer, I nominate you for Wives of the Year. I am so glad Mack only likes judo.