Monday, September 20, 2010


For those of you who have been following my blog for a while (I recently passed the five year mark, which will be a future blog entry), you may remember a couple of years ago when I did an entry about the Mormons and how they pissed me off.
What does this have to do with things to do in your free time you ask?
Well, stay with me.
Blogger has added a new tab on their site called "stats" .
Go here and you can find out two interesting things
1) It tells you which site people use to access your blog most commonly.
According to the stats, the most common place to access my blog is "Big Rhonda's World"
Now, I hope this means Jess is looking at my blog but I can't be sure. It may mean people look at her blog first, and then link to mine. Either way is fine. because I like Jess and if she is somehow involved with my blog, I'm honored.
2) This is where the Mormons come in. The second thing that the stats tell you is which individual post has gotten the most pageviews. Well, on my blog, the post with the most hits is the one I did about the Mormons over three years ago! And it's not even close!
If you go here and read the comments, you'll find the Mormons hate me. One even threatened to kick my ass! So much for turning the other cheek!

If you have some free time, try it!
You may find that some religious sect hates you, too.
C'mon! It' fun!


Megan said...

Well considering I just started this endeavor last week, it's not as much fun for me. Although I seem to have an audience in Alaska. I have no idea who that could be.
I also seem to be accessed the most from your page, so thanks for that Phlilop.

Anonymous said...


Oh, uh excuse me, hmph. Just going over some of my favorite comment quotes.

Oh, and by the're a bigot.

Love you honey,
Your wife.

Lisa said...

Haha that's hilarious!!! I'll have to find out that stuff about my blog when I get some free time. (What's that again?!)

Jen said...

Hilarious! I didn't even remember this post until I pulled it up (no offense), but apparently the Mormons did. Mental Note, don't piss off the Mormons.

I checked on the new blog and I too am accessed mostly through Big Rhonda (random) ... I checked the old blog and the stats were weird, so I actually shut it down. Other than my cousin in Belgium, I have no idea who is reading me from outside the US ... must like so-so recipes and hearing about our cats : )

big Rhonda said...

all right - you guys have caught me... i am stalking you...

Philip Deskins said...

Jess likes me! She really likes me!
or at least she glances at my blog sometimes.

Ms. Thomas said...

I guess I owe you a thank you, Phil. You send me the most referrals. What's up with that Big Rhonda???!!!

Megan, I have an audience in Alaska too. WTF?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Philip Deskins said...

Amber does this mean you gonna put me back on your links?

Anonymous said...

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