Friday, September 24, 2010


Ever wonder where you came from? How you came to be? What kind of dude your great grandfather was?
Ok, maybe it's just me.
Well, If you are kinda curious, go to and take the 14 day free trial, research like a madman in those two weeks, then cancel the subscription before the 14 days runs out.
I found out that my great x 8 grandfather built the first courthouse in Prince William County, Virginia.
I found records of my grandfathers in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.
On a more morbid note, I found an actual copy of my great great great grandfather's death certificate.
Jefferson Deskins almost made it to 88, but fell a couple of months short.
The cause of death was said to be nephritis (kidney infection),
Here is it, in all it's glory.

Here is a list of Revolutionary War soldiers in Kentucky. My great x8 grandfather Daniel Deskins is listed in the top right. A few lines down, A William Divine is listed. Could this be JD's descendant?

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Megan said...

I have always wanted to do this, but have been afraid that I am related to some Nazi soldier or something disturbing like that.

I don't know about this William dude, though. It looks to be spelled Devine. Hmm