Friday, November 12, 2010


Look, I never was a supporter of George W. Bush and he could have handled the Katrina situation a lot better. But I always thought that it was a punk move when Kanye said that Bush hates black people. Poor people maybe, but I really don't think the man hates all black people.
Plus, why is Kanye famous?
A lot of people (including my wife) claim that he is super talented.
If taking a Ray Charles song and talking over it for three minutes is what passes for talent nowadays, well, then so be it.
This interview proves what I knew all along. Kanye is an idiot.


Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

Gee whiz. Nice Pearl Harbor job on your wife!

Your wife

Jen said...

I too dislike Kanye ... A LOT!! I do like his song "Stronger" as it got me through many a long run during my marathon training, but that's all I can say that is nice about him. I think he needs a lesson in class and so much more.

Megan said...

yeah, he's a real douche...

Ms. Thomas said...

He is a total douche but that thing he did with the dancers on SNL was gorgeous. I don't like his music yet somehow I like his performances.

Why can't I wrap my head around this guy?

Also, Bush does hate poor people, especially black ones. That is true.