Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Today is election day.
This year, the "attack ads" have been even worse than usual.
People are even getting stepped on.
I usually vote democratic, so I was going to vote for our male model candidate Jack Conway.
Then he decides to take the low road and run a ridiculous ad about Rand Paul and something about an Aqua Buddha.
Something most people shouldn't give a (bleep) about.
So now, I may just write in my dog, Penny.
She would never run an attack ad against Stuart.
Unless, of course, Stuart was a Republican, then it's on.
Stuart thinks I don't feed him near enough cat food and needs at least one more feeding.
Penny thinks food should be rationed throughout the day, so as to cut back on costs.
Penny is a fascist.
Stuart has a catnip problem.
Penny licks herself in front of guests.
Stuart throws up on the couch.
it could get ugly.

Conway trails in the polls.
It seems as if my state will probably be represented in the senate by a "Tea Party" guy.

The other day I ran in the Race for the Cure 5K.

At about the 2 and a half mile mark, someone comes out from behind the bushes and joins the rest of us.
It looked an awful lot like Jim Gray, Vice Mayor of Lexington and candidate for Mayor of Lexington.
I think that's called "cheating"
I'm almost positive it was him, but I was too busy trying to beat my time from the Midsummer Night's Run.
(I shattered it)

Oh well, get out and vote. At least you'll get that sticker and you will feel superior to the non stickered people.
That's something, right?


Anonymous said...

This is my fault for making us watch the local news last night. We had to give up and watch King of the Hill because the attack ads were inundating.

I'm sorry, honey!


P.S. Stuart is not, nor will ever be, a Republican.

Megan said...

Shad4gmhEvery election is basically picking the lesser of two evils, for me. At least it gives me the right to complain later. :)