Sunday, December 05, 2010


Working on the north side of Lexington allows me access to many of the interesting food items that the customers eat.
Oh, wait, did I say interesting?
I meant disgusting.
The picture above includes ham hocks ( kind of like a pigs ankles), chicken necks, and pig tails.
That's right pig tails!
I left out pig ears (i guess not just a dog toy), cow tounge, pig snout, chitterlings (pig intestines) turkey gizzards (more intestinal stuff) and pig feet
Oh why not, here's a picture of that.

Oh well, at least they don't eat chicken feet.



Ms. Thomas said...

Man, wrapping it in that plastic doesn't do much for making it look appetizing, that's for sure. I am glad that at least these parts are being eaten by someone rather than tossed away. If the animal has to die for people to eat, at least it's dying just for its boobs.

Did you see that vid of Sarah Palin doing an interview while those Thanksgiving turkeys were being decapitated and drained behind her?

Lisa said...

My thoughts were exactly with Amber. Isn't it better to use everything? Isn't that how animals have gotten all f---ed up because people want to eat only certain, pretty parts? Also I know certain people (right in my own house) who are equally disgusted by a stalk of broccoli. Sigh.

Philip Deskins said...

I try not to watch Sarah Palin's Alaska because I know it will only infuriate me, but I have heard about what you are talking about. Yes, I agree, if they are going to die anyway, may as well use every part of the animal instead of only a few parts. I guess my point was that this seems like a much crazier way to eat than going vegan.