Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ski Trip XI: The Aftermath

I usually like to wait a week before I pass any judgement on the ski trip.
This way, the emotions don't get in the way.
Anyway, some thoughts....

1. The Left, Right Center game was epic Of all the years we've been doing this ski trip thing, I don't think I've ever had more fun. Kara came up with the idea of making it a drinking game, and should be considered for MVP just based on that alone. I mean, combine the fun of an ordinary drinking game with the possibility of winning some cash! Genius!

2. Wobbly Pop= Evil How can something so delicious be so hurtful to a person? I woke up on Saturday morning with the worst hangover I've ever had. Of course, it didn't help matters when I took my first few drinks of the pop without mixing it with Sprite first. (Where was the instruction manual?) So that made me feel really funny, really really quick. It should be called the Devil's Nectar. The next night, I stuck with beer and shots and things went better.

3. The video was good- not great I didn't spend much time on the videa (two weeks) and it showed. It was saved by some really good acting from everybody. So good job, and thanks to everyone who contributed. People laughed at it and even applauded. That's all I care about.

4.When it comes to food, it's time to think outside of the box A lot of discussion on this topic this year. It is believed by many that perhaps we would be better served without really big meals, and I tend to agree. We should buy snacks for all weekend. If you get hungry, fix some food. We can have the Chili cook off on Friday night and then, you're on your own. This would cut down on the mountain of food we usually have on Monday morning. It would also keep some people from having to slave over the oven for hours. The Ski Trip isn't a time to work, it's time to party. Let's get this done.

5.We are changing, and so is the Ski Trip The crazy, three-day parties that were ski trip V and VIII are probably gone. People have kids now. They need to get back on Monday. I get that. But you know what? I'm cool with it. Sure, I would like an extra day with everybody, but it's just not possible sometimes. I'm just thankful that I get two days with everyone.

6. You People are Fun As we were playing the game on Saturday night, several things crossed my mind. One of them was "When did Amy put on that Sombrero?" another was "These people are awesome" At one point, I had Amy and Jess in front of me, Neighbor Dave, Kara and Matt to the right of me, Lil Jen and Brad to the left, and then of course, there was Lisa. What can I say? I feel blessed to have you guys as friends.

7. Was this the best ski trip? Depends. If you judge by the level of craziness, then no. I mean, I was perfectly sober at the Cracker Barrel this time. But if you want to judge by fun, relaxation, and quality time with good friends, then this one has to be in the top three. I had a blast.


Lisa said...

I absolutely had a blast. I already can't wait 'til next year! I agree with the food but I definitely think the breakfast casseroles need to stay also.

Ames said...

We talked about it all weekend how there was soooooo much food. What's funny is I know that at least one full meal didn't even get cooked... I bet we could have saved about $200 and done something more original with it... you know, like buying more beer.
It was an awesome ski trip... other than waking up Sunday morning with a new cold and a hangover from Hades, it was awesome... And Lisa, it was good to see you let loose... you MADE Saturday night!