Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Finally got to meet Hanley Slaton this week.

Even got some practice time in.

Jon and Hanley looked alike.

Oh yeah, Kristin was there, too


Megan said...

When did this happen!? Are they in town!? Notify a gal, yo!!!!

Jen said...

Ditto to Megan's comment. I am not travelling much these days, but I would have made an exception to see that little one ... and Kristin too : )

Anonymous said...

Glad I got a few minutes to see you guys & Hanley was happy to meet you! Hope you learned a little from your diaper change watching and feeding practice :)
Megan & Jen - I'm sorry I didn't get to see you guys. It was a hectic week and had just a little while to spare on Tuesday night. Hopefully we'll make it back soon and have more time to see everyone!