Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, I'm sorry, did I mention I'm a Dad?

Ok, let's get back to business...
There I am, holding my little buddy, Charlotte Swain Deskins
Why'd we name her Charlotte?
It was the only name that we both really liked.
On our wedding day, as I was in the hotel lobby waiting for Jennifer to get ready, Charlotte's Web was playing on the TV.
I took it as a sign from God.
Oh and as a sidebar, if you ever get a chance to witness the Miracle of Birth, I suggest you schedule that in. It's really cool.


Lisa said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That a boy Phil! Congratulations and welcome back!

Iris's Nonna...Mary D said...

Charlotte is a beautiful little girl. I am certain you are a great dad.

MAO said...

The rumors of her graduation were greatly exagerated. She is a little doll.

Jen said...

I guess this is my "official" congratulations to you both : ) Don't they grow like weeds?

Ms. Thomas said...

Charlotte!! Congratulations. I'm glad she made the blog in more than ultrasound form! I've been wondering about her and hope you're settling into Daddy. She's a lucky baby girl to have such awesome parents.