Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey Paula

You have to hand it to Paula Deen. She's taken her folksy, down home character and used it to make a mint, all the while promoting a diet of good, healthy, cholesterol-free meals. And by healthy, cholesterol-free meals I mean fat-laden, lard soaked "food" not fit for human consumption. Not to mention she will probably make millions more from teaming up with a drug company that sells diabetes drugs. (Opportunity knocks, Y'all!) Look, I could sit here and make fun of her recipes (seriously, Paula not everything needs a stick of butter in it) or her annoying "Hey Y'alls", but I'll leave that to the professionals. Take it away, Kristen Wiig. In reality, she doesn't really need SNL to embarrass her. She does a pretty good job of it herself.


Megan said...

Holy Butter and Oil, you've found your blog!! Hooray!

And, I second the opinion on PD. Maybe they should have a viewer discretion warning before the start of every one of her shows. Just a thought.

Welcome Back!

Philip Deskins said...

Thanks, Megan. Watch this spot for new exciting posts! Funny that soda pop gets the bad rap, but the stuff Paula makes on her show is much worse.